Welcome to our website. You are invited to join Bill and me on a Great Adventure. My name is Dick Sollner, a retired Eastern Airlines Captain and Twin Comanche owner. My Co-Captain Bill Moore and I are going to fly around the world, Why? Because it's there and we want to. Let's do it!!

As you will see from my bio, in addition to my aviation interests I am also a Rotarian. As a Flying Rotarian I am very enthusiastic about the Fellowship Programs offered to Rotary members. Pilots, yachtsmen, golfers, stamp collectors, genealogists and fifty other categories available. Unfortunately, members are few, but those who are abound with enthusiasm. It's Rotary's best kept secret. To give our flight a purpose I'm going to let the secret out. Our mission is being called "Flight for Fellowship". Any one or group who would like to hear about it just ask me. 'Nuff said...

A flight like this requires a lot of preparation. Upgraded instrument panel with new navigation and communication systems, new tires with extra plies to handle the extra fuel weight, FAA permits for overweight operation (our biggest challenge), locating a 145 gallon cabin fuel tank (San Diego), navigation charts and approach plates, insurance, survival equipment, thorough aircraft inspection, engaging a flight planner to obtain visas, overflight and landing permits, fuel availability and ground handling, plus other incidentals.

Our plan is to fly one day, and two days off. This will allow time for rest and sightseeing, more importantly catch-up time if we should be delayed by weather or a mechanical problem. As you will see from our itinerary we are going to some interesting places. We invite you to follow our progress.

This Web site will be our connection with you. It will be updated with reports and photos, which we will provide to our webmaster as often as feasible. Check our flight log often.

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Pascal Landi, Manny Higazi Tuesday, September 25, 2007