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Our Aircraft

The Piper Twin Comanche, a four passenger airplane is powered by two 160 horsepower Lycoming IO-320 engines. Its cruising speed is 198 mph. Normal fuel quantity is 120 Gallons with a range of 1200 miles. The certified takeoff weight is 3725 pounds.

However, to make the long distances of up to 2500 miles, it is necessary to carry extra fuel. We will be installing tanks in the cabin holding an additional 145 Gallons. This additional weight will put us over the normal gross weight. For this flight the FAA has issued a special operating permit allowing the aircraft to operate at up to 4500 pounds.

Our plan is to fly the airplane using long-range cruise power. That is a lower power setting and a lower speed to get the maximum miles per Gallon. With the additional fuel we will have eighteen hours endurance and a no-wind range of 3,000 miles. This will be sufficient for the longest legs with adequate reserves.

The updated instrument panel includes the Garmin NAV "Suite", the GNS 530 over a GNS 430. These provide Global Satellite Positioning, ILS and VOR navigation aids plus VHF communications. Also included is a solid state Transponder, a Stormscope for weather detection and a High Frequency radio transceiver.

With the potential of monsoons, typhoons and dust storms, we have confidence the Twin Comanche N178E will prevail.

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Pascal Landi, Manny Higazi Tuesday, September 25, 2007