Date Distance (SM) ATE Identifier City
Thu July 4 428   KBGR - N40 Sky Manor Airport

KBGR - Bangor, Maine, USA -- N40 - Sky Manor, New Jersey, USA
Thursday, July 4, 2002

Large Crowd Greets Circumnavigators as They Land in Sky Manor

Dick and Bill haven't filed any report about their arrival in Sky Manor, and your favorite Webmaster wasn't able to attend, but the pictures below speak for themselves.

Note: We are still trying to determine if large stains on Dick's shirt are Champagne, emotional sweat or simply water: The crew was carrying water guns and a fight might have errupted on board as to who would land first on this historic day.

Sky Manor, New Jersey

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Final on runway 25
Dick surrenders to local authorities
Waving at some very relieved ladies
Was the Champagne Champagne?
Pictures above courtesy of Bill Leavens
The usual suspects were there ...
... hoping for free lunch and drinks
Edyth and Bill reunited
Back with family and friends ...
... at Sky Manor restaurant
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