Date Distance (SM) ATE Identifier City
Mon July 1 791   CYYT - KBGR Bangor, Maine

CYYT - St John's, Newfoundland, Canada -- KBGR - Bangor, Maine
Monday, July 1, 2002

   Departed CYYT at 1030 and flew over the Maritime Provinces to Bangor ME. 
Dropped off the Comanche at Telford Aviation for untanking. We are promised 
that the job will be completed in time for us to make our return to Sky Manor 
Airport on the Fourth between noon and one.


Tuesday, July 2, 2002

   With a nice rent a car Bill and I will be off to Freeport ME looking for 
bargains at LL Bean and a lobster dinner.
   This should be our last report. We are looking forward to seeing many of 
you on our return.


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Bangor, Maine

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Your reporter and photographer Dick
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