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Fri June 21 1631   OBBI - LGIR Iraklion, Crete

OBBI - Bahrain -- LGIR - Iraklion, Crete, Greece
Friday, June 21, 2002

Where our crew finds that deserts can be high, very high

Dick filed this report:

Took off from bahrain at 9:10 AM, climbed to FL 100 (flight level
one zero zero [10,000 feet]).  We headed West across Saudi Arabia
to the Red Sea, then North to Cairo and Alexandria.  Crossing a
short section of the Mediterranean Sea to Crete.  We arrived an
hour after sunset, our usual ungood luck.

I must mention the crossing of the Arabian desert.  It was not the
sand dunes I expected.  The surface was scarred with erosion and
unexpected high mountains.  The minimum safe altitudes were up to
11,200 feet.  To me it seemed the most treacherous part of the
journey.  It was also turbulent as the day progressed.  Over the
Red Sea all was smoothe thereafter.  There was hardly a cloud for
the long flight.

We arrived in Iraklion, Customs and Immigration a snap.  Off to the
Astoria Hotel.  Too fancy and expensive.  We opted for the three
star Kastro Hotel in the old city.  We share a small penthouse room
with a large roof seating area overlooking the sea.  Just right.

We had a late dinner at a taverna.  Very good.  The streets are
filled with the sidewalk eateries.  A great lifestyle. 

See pictures from the flight below.

LGIR - Iraklion, Crete, Greece
Saturday, June 22, 2002

Welcome to Europe, where wine is cheaper than gasoline


Walked down to the seaport.  Lots of cruise ships.  Between the ships
and the jet traffic this island is filled with european tourists
(mostly German).

We went to the airport to fuel the airplane.  Prices were incredibly
high, €2.32 per litre, that translates to over $9.00 / gallon.
This is a minimum fuel station.

We found an internet café , checked email, found out our floppies never
arrived.  We will try  again before we depart.  Speaking of departing,
we changed our destination airport from Barcelona International to Sabadell,
a  small airport outside Barcelona.  This is the airport the Flying Rotarians
will be using and I expect Customs and Immigration to be there.  Also some
maintenance.  However the 2,900 foot runway will be inadaquate for our
departure to the Azores.  We will have to figure something out.

Now to the internet café for updates and pics.  Our maestro computer expert,
Stavros Kartsolis.

See pictures from Iraklion below.

Iraklion, Crete, Greece

Click on pictures for high-resolution version.

Desert mountains
Desert mountains
Downtown Iraklion
Downtown Iraklion
Crystal (or is it Christèle?)
French ground handler in Crete.
Keep your hands off of her Dick, she's breakable
Bill at penthouse
How does this Greek Game Boy work?
Dick at penthouse
Bill at penthouse
Kastro Hotel
Internet Cafe
Internet Maestro Stavros Kartsolis
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