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Wed June 19 1501   VABB - OBBI Bahrain

VABB - Mumbai (Bombay), India -- OBBI - Bahrain
Wednesday, June 19, 2002

U.S. NAVY wants a piece of the Flight for Fellowship!

Dick filed this report:

So we went to Ahmadabad and refueled.  To our surprise, we were routed back
South to Mumbai before proceeding West-Northwest, bound for Bahrain.
What a waste!  Incidentally, the Mumbai takeoff was IFR with monsoon rains.
Ahmadabad was hot and hazy.  We were cleared at Flight Level 105 (10,500'),
struggled to get there and deviated widely to avoid encountering the tall
towering buildups.  After four hours of this, as we approached the Arabian
Peninsula, it got very smooth.  I would have expected Cumulo-Nimbus over and
in the vicinity of landmasses.  Not so.

As we approached the Persian Gulf we heard a challenge on Emergency Frequency 121.5.
The message stated that it was a U.S. Naval Warship patrolling the high seas.
They asked us to identify ourselves and state our business.  This we did and were
told to continue.  Security is tight around this part of the world.

In Bahrain, we were met by an Airport Authority employee and whisked through
Customs and Immigration and put in a taxi for Manama, the main city. Checked
into the Golf Pearl Hotel, bypassed the disco, had dinner and a couple of Coronas
and off to bed after a loooong day.

Thursday, June 20th

Forgot to mention: the right generator was not working so Bill and I will go to
the airport to check for belt tightness and connections and see what can be done.
It's nice to have twin-engine redundancy.

Thursday, June 20th

After sending the fax and the failed floppies Bill and I went to the airport to
fuel the airplane and have a mechanic check the bad right generator.  The belt
was tight and the connections secure.  By substituting a good voltage regulator
the generator was diagnosed as bad.  We will proceed to Iraklion and to Barcelona
where we expect Rotary assistance in making a repair.

Our taxi driver from the airport took 1  hours to locate our robed arab filled
Gulf Pearl Hotel.

It was a good city tour.

See pictures below.

Mumbai and Ahmadabad, India

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Good luck?
Fuel man with army security
Ahmedabad officials
Now everyone wants to get in the picture!
Cloud to be avoided


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Gulf Pearl Hotel
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