Date Distance (SM) ATE Identifier City
Mon June 17 1866   VTSP - VABB Mumbai (Bombay), India

VTSP - Phuket, Thailand -- VABB - Mumbai (Bombay), India
Monday, June 17, 2002

Flight Encounters Moonsoon Rains Crossing the Bay of Bengal

Dick filed this report:

Departed Phuket after only about a 15-hour visit.  And this is the place
where we wanted to spend at least three days.  Maybe next time around.

Our departure took us across the Bay of Bengal to Madras and across the
Subcontinent to Mumbai (Bombay).  We were cleared at a minimum altitude
of 10,000'.  We were heavy and high and Monsoon weather for most of the
water crossing.  In and out of hidden rain showers with moderate turbulence.
????? at heavy weight the stall warning was blaring as we were keeping
wings level and riding the 400 to 500 foot excursions.  With fuel burn off
the problem was less severe.  It was a solid four hours of hard IFR.

We arrived in Mumbai after dark and had to make an ILS approach to a wet
runway and high humidity.  The monsoon season had started that very day.

Our ground handler Atul Jaidka took us to Bombay's best hotel,
the JW Marriott.  He called it a seven star hotel.  I believe him.

Out next day was interrupted with a message "No Avgas in Mumbai".
Here we go again.  Atul was able to scrounge up 150 liters, enough to take
us 250 miles North to Ahmadabad to make a fuel stop and then proceed to
Bahrain from there.  We ???? our departure time to 7 AM local with hopes
of making Bahrain before dark.  It's nice to arrive at a strange destination
in daylight.  We will meet Atul that evening for final preparations for
tomorrow's new adventures.

See pictures below.

Mumbai (Bombay), India

Click on pictures for high-resolution version.

With Atul Jaidka
at J. W. Marriot Hotel in Mumbai
Still drinking two hours later...
... everything's getting darker
Auto rickshaws, no sidewalks, muddy paths
A tree grows in Bombay
Traffic jam
Air conditioned taxi at hotel
Air conditioned taxi at hotel
Outdoors at hotel pool
Monsoon from hotel window
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