Date Distance (SM) ATE Identifier City
Fri Jun 14 1359   PTRO - WBSB Sultanate of Brunei

PTRO - Koror, Palau -- WBSB - Sultanate of Brunei
Friday, June 14, 2002

Bad Routing for Uneventful Flight

Dick filed this report:

Got an early start for Brunei. The routing was terrible. Northwest over
the middle of the Philippines, then back southwest in the proper
direction. Our flight plan called for an 8,000 feet altitude. One leg
had a minimum enroute altitude of FL 170. A change of routing added
another 50 miles to the journey.
We were met by three gound handlers who did a splendid job even with the
hotel. It was the Elegant Centre Point Hotel in downtown Bandar Seri
Begawan. Had an excellent dinner.

See pictures from Palau below.

Koror, Palau

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Refueling before departure from Palau
Refueling before departure from Palau
In flight at 8000 feet
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