Date Distance (SM) ATE Identifier City
Fri Jun 7
Sat Jun 8
2421 14:03 PHTO - PKMJ Majuro, Marshall Is.

PHTO - Hilo, Hawaii, USA -- PKMJ - Majuro, Marshall Islands
Friday, June 7, 2002 - Saturday, June 8, 2002


Dick filed this report from Majuro:

Just hit a treasure: A young man literate with computers, Michael, who is with
the local communications company.

Since our last message, we took pictures of Eliot Merk in his office;
note the Rotary regalia. Eliot owns and flies a Mooney. He invited Bill
and I to take a hop over the volcano area. What destruction. Lava leaves
the caldera and flows slowly down the mountainside, not very far from Hilo.
Its flows are like fingers of destruction threading through the lower
levels, as water would flow in the valleys.  It is in slow motion, overrunning
vegetation and causing fires in its path.  A land developer had blocks of
lots overrun, destroying a few already built homes. The ceiling and
visibility were low making the pictures marginal.

We parted with Eliot only again to have breakfast with him at 5:15 AM at
Ken's Pancake House and have him help with the Alamo car return. Customs
delayed us a few minutes while we filled out the necessary General Declaration
forms.  We are learning the process.  Inspector Bill Foss was most cordial
and helpful. Thanks Bill.

Took off at exactly 7 AM local.  Because of heavy weight and low rate of climb
it was necessary for Center to radar vector us around the high terrain, using
takeoff power, decreasing to max power as we climbed to 8,000 feet.  Eight
thousand proved to be a good altitude because much of the route had buildups
to ten to twelve thousand, which we avoided so as to not risk any unwanted
turbulence at our heavy weights.

We arrived at Majuro Atoll at exactly 7:03 PM local, just at dusk. The runway
lights were put on just as we were about to land. We cleared Customs and
Immigration and were driven to the Outrigger Resort Hotel, the best on the
island. Nice room, $62.50 per night. After a 14:03 hour flight we were tired
and ready for nighty night.

Up for breakfast and off to the airport for fueling. Avgas is sold here by the
55-gallon drum at $256.37 per drum, that's $4.67 per gallon. Fortunately 55
gallons was exactly what we wanted. Incidentally, both engines consumed only
a half-quart each despite the high power demands.

We finally located our Ground Handler.  He was confused about the correct
arrival day. It was us who should have been confused, because after crossing
the International Date Line we had taken off from Hilo Friday AM and landed
at Majuro on Saturday night. What happened?? Somehow we lost 24 hours??

We took the fuel crew to lunch at the local grocery store. It was nice to learn
of their way of life.  On the way back we stopped to reconnoiter a dinner place,
and took pictures of small boys and our hotel.

Since our flight is going so smoothly Bill and I thought we might make a stab
at getting to the IFFR Annual Dinner.  We notified Skyplan.  All OK.  So it's
one on, one off, and on to Barcelona.  See revised, revised, revised schedule.

We hope weather and equipment allow it to happen.  Since we are making Ponape
a one nighter, we may be a little late with our updates.  As you can see we are
really trying.  A lot of our friends are following Pascal's outstanding website
and we don't want to disappoint them. 

Best wishes to all, 

Dick and Bill

See more pictures from Hawaii and first batch from Majuro below.

Hilo, Hawaii

Click on pictures for high-resolution version.

Hilo Flowers
Hilo Market
Big Day is Saturday
Eliot Merk
Eliot: That's the Wing?
Bill: Yeap! And We've Got
a Spare One on the Other Side
Steam Vents
Development Innundated with Lava
Where Lava Meets Ocean
Taken From Eliot's Mooney
Pacific Clouds
US Customs Bill Foss
Applies Customs Decal
Somewhere Above the Pacific ...
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Majuro, Marshall Islands

Click on pictures for high-resolution version.

Majuro Atoll
Primitive Fueling
The Pump is Electric Though
Local Waitresses
Macro-Captain Sollner With
Micronesian Boys
Boulevard by Hotel
Outrigger Resort Hotel
Our Correspondant in Majuro
Captain Moore in Active Flight Planning
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Pascal Landi, Manny Higazi Tuesday, September 25, 2007