Date Distance (SM) ATE Identifier City
Tue May 28 - Thu May 30 0   KSEE El Cajon, CA
Fri May 31 449 2:30 KSEE - KOAK Oakland, CA

KSEE - El Cajon, California, USA -- KOAK - Oakland, California, USA
Tuesday, May 28, 2002 -- Thursday, May 30, 2002

Ferry Tank Installation at El Cajon Takes Longer Than Planned.


We went Tuesday Morning to El Cajon line service, where we met Keith Roller, the
maintenance manager who will be overseeing the installation of our ferry tanks.
When Keith filed FAA Form 337 (Major Repair and Alteration), it triggered a
records check in Oklahoma City.  The check revealed that the airplane had been 
operating on a restricted airworthiness certificate since 1971 and had been flying
illegally since that time!  This mix up required reapplication for a standard 
airworthiness certificate to legitimize the application.  Another application for
a special certificate for our overweight operations was then issued.

After two days of paperwork, the aircraft was finally signed off as airworthy.
Considering the complexity of the situation, Dan Johnson, from the FAA's San Diego
Flight Standards District Office (FSDO), has done a yeoman job in getting the
paperwork done.  His diligence is greatly appreciated.

That Friday afternoon we took off for Oakland.  Enroute we checked the functioning
of the new tank plumbing system.  It worked perfectly, and we landed 2.5 hours
later.  We refueled for a total of 235 gallons and went to bed for an early
morning departure to Hawaii.

See pictures from El Cajon below.

El Cajon, California

Click on pictures for high-resolution version.

The Ferry Tank as Delivered
That Top Tank is for Rum
Bill Cardwell, Avionicsman in El Cajon,
who tried to operate our HF radio.
(Bill Moore is making air waves)
Tanks in Place
Luggage Space
No Room for Winter Clothes
Not Much Room for Pilots Either
Imagine Spending More Than 12 Hours
in This, With No TV
Debbie and Norma
Keith Roller
FAA Dan Johnson explains to Capt. Sollner
the intricacies of airworthiness
Ready to Depart El Cajon
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