Date Distance (SM) ATE Identifier City
Mon May 27 348 2:30 57AZ - KSEE El Cajon, CA

57AZ - La Cholla Air Park, Arizona, USA -- KSEE - El Cajon, California, USA
Monday, May 27, 2002

Early afternoon Departure from La Cholla Air Park.


The oil leak at La Cholla has been pinpointed to a loose connection
at the turbo oil pressure sensing switch. We ran the engine, and it
ground checked OK. But we decided to test fly it. Dick took Bill
Dresher for a flight around the patch. The flight check was OK, so
we left for El Cajon.

We arrived after a two and a half hour flight over interesting terrain.
Wasteland interspersed with prime irrigated farmland, especially the
Imperial Valley, which stretched for many miles.

We arrived at Gillespie Field, El Cajon, CA on a holiday, so there
wasn't too much activity around. Bill ran into a young Barcelonian
aero engineer involved in the development of a composite VTOL airliner
for the Du Pont Corporation. He was kind enough to take us to the motel.

See pictures from La Cholla below.

La Cholla Air Park, Arizona

Click on pictures for high-resolution version.

Breakfast at Coco's
Bill Updegrove patching air baffle
Both engines required work due
to loose and missing baffles.
As always, one working, three watching...
Last check of oil leak - it's fixed!
Now fellows this magic tape will take care
of anything that goes wrong with the plane.
Try it, you'll like it! (Bill Updegrove)
Capt. Dick refueling - 38.3 gal @ $1.99/gal
Capt Dick replacing lost oil in left engine
Off they go, as fashionable as ever.
Taxi to the active ...
Clear for takeoff!
Wheels Up ...
Goodbye Tucson
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