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Sun May 26 1176   KUBX - KABQ - 57AZ La Cholla Air Park, AZ

KUBX - Cuba, Missouri, USA -- 57AZ - La Cholla Air Park, Arizona, USA
Sunday, May 26, 2002

Warm Welcome in La Cholla Air Park. Oil Leak Discovered and Fixed.

Dick filed this report:

Departed Cuba early with a fuel stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico expecting
to find bargain fuel but had to pay Cutter Aviation 2.82/gal.   We continued
to La Cholla Air Park just outside of Tucson, Arizona.  Why La Cholla? 
EAA friends, plus Konrad and Rosalie Kundig have a hanger with guest
apartment for us to stay in.  Very nice.  In the Kundig's absence their
circle of friends took over the hosting.  Bill and Ginny Updegrove directed
us to taxi the N178E to their hanger for a gala reception.  As we were
standing by the airplane I noticed an oil drip from the left engine.  Bill
removed the cowl to locate the problem and then called Frank Youngquist - a
PA 30 owner and licensed mechanic.  Frank located the source, the oil
pressure switch, but was unable to pinpoint the exact fault as the switch
tested OK under air pressure and the line tested OK with a plug in the oil
line.  Bill Updegrove replaced the switch using some thread sealer and
since dinner was waiting, we deferred further testing until morning.  

The dinner guests were interesting.  Most were supporters of Gus McLeod. 
Gus gained fame when he circled the North Pole in an open cockpit Stearman
in 2000.  Bill and Ginny had hosted a fund-raising program in their hanger
earlier this year for his proposed flight around the world from Pole to
Pole in an E 18 Twin Beechcraft. They designed a logo and had pins made. 
(Ginny presented Bill and me with one) and composed a song about Gus. 
Their affair raised $3,000 towards his project.  

The flight to ABQ was uneventful; but, to La Cholla it was rough - updrafts
and downdrafts with 200 - 300 foot excursions from the assigned altitude
(up to 12,000 Ft.).  The oil loss in the left engine was less than a quart
on the three hour flight.  On a long flight it could be a real problem.  

For the record:

Reception was at home of Bill and Virginia Updegrove, 1720 W. Cessna Way,
Tucson, AZ 85737.  T: (520) 575-9202

Guests were:

Frank and Susan Youngquist (Frank has a 1964 PA 30)
Kevin Horstman and Cori Hoag - Both are geologists.
	Kevin is a member of Catalina Rotary Club
Loraine Newhouse, widow - husband former AA Captain
Bill & Ella Dresher - friend of the Kundigs

See pictures from La Cholla below.

La Cholla Air Park, Arizona

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La Cholla Air Park Surroundings
Final Approach
The Eagle Has Landed
Headed to the Updegrove Hangar
Home Away from Home
Greeting Bill & Ginny Updegrove
With Ginny Updegrove and Loraine Newhouse,
widow of a former American Airlines Captain
Yes Mom!
Looking for that Oil Leak ...
I See It!
A Mechanic to the Rescue: Frank Youngquist
Bill Decorated by Ginny
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